Clean energy for all Europeans package is a set of cross-cutting measures aimed at achieving EU´s ambitious energy goals under the Energy Union Strategy. To showcase significant contributions of financial measures being implemented under these policies, the European Commission recently published a brochure “Good practice in energy efficiency”.

Under Energy Union Strategy, the EC is implementing cross-cutting measures to support energy efficiency which are:

  1. Measurers on SMEs,
  2. Energy management,
  3. Consumers behaviour,
  4. Promotion of energy services,
  5. Reduction of the transport demand,
  6. Promotion of non-conventionally fuelled vehicles,
  7. Measures on public procurement and
  8. Measures on energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings.

One of the EC´s lesson learned is:

Consumer engagement and acceptance is key to delivering energy savings by behavioural change.

And this is maybe why PEAKapp project is highlighted on pages 17 & 18 of Good practice in energy efficiency, Clean energy for all Europeans, European Commission brochure.