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The overall goal of PEAKapp is to develop, validate and launch an ICT ecosystem that motivates and supports citizens to adopt and sustain behavioral changes which will directly reduce their household energy consumption. Watch the PEAKapp video below.

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On the consumer´s side, PEAKapp system will require installed PEAKapp mobile/tablet application and smart meters as hardware. It will simply connect to the existing electricity provider and instantly help save household energy consumption by:

1. continuous information flow,

2.  consumption of renewable energy,

3. coupons collected within PEAKapp game.

On the energy provider´s side, the app will enable:

1.dynamic accountancy system + app,

2.first mover advantage,

3. fulfillment of directive,

4. strengthening corporate brand & CSR strategy,

5. customer loyalty.

PEAKapp @ Energiesparmesse 2017 – Event Report

Austria´s leading energy event under the name Energiesparmesse again proved its popularity as it attracted 94,000 visitors to Wels, Austria in the first weekend of March 2017. With 821 exhibitors from 14 countries worldwide who were able to network at 150 events it also confirmed itself as an important B2B fair trade in the region. Together […]