Event report: PEAKapp at EU Sustainable Energy Awards 2018

Entrance of the Charlemagne building of the European Commission – EUSEW18 location

The EU Sustainable Energy Awards recognize outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewables. This year, finalists were chosen from 96 applications which competed against each other to receive the much-desired confirmation of their contribution towards citizen´s centric accomplishments for a clean, secure and efficient energy.

Regardless of status, location or funding source, anyone from EU could submit a recent project – from a local initiative to an industry-wide programme – that could help citizens, business and the public sector work towards the Clean Energy targets. These are as of 2017, even more ambitious and binding on an EU level. A binding 30% EU energy efficiency target for 2030 emphasizes EU commitment towards its international and climate and energy goals for 2030 and beyond. To achieve these goals, society needs a clear and an ambitious vision translated into effective regulation firstly, but secondly, end-user solutions and products which produce energy savings at the bottom level.

Claude Turmes, MEP Green Party: “We have only one planet to live on. Society needs a climate vision and we need to collectively work to succeed.”

EU Sustainable Energy Week Opening Ceremony at De Gasperi Room in Charlemagne building, Brussels (BE), 5.6.2018

12 finalists with their representatives were invited to join the Award ceremony which took place in the Charlemagne building of the European Commission in Brussels on 5th of June 2018.

In the category Business, these were the three finalists:

  1. WISEGRID – TOOLS FOR A SMARTER GRID:The products of this project include platforms for monitoring and managing infrastructure, applications to support smarter energy use, tools to optimise electric vehicle charging and supply renewable energy, as well as services for marketing unused generation capacity. They target consumers, ‘prosumers’ (people who produce and consume energy) and electric vehicle fleet operators, among other groups. Learn more about the project here: https://www.wisegrid.eu/  and follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/WiseGRID_H2020.

Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award in this category: WISEGRID.

In the category Consumers, three projects were nominated:

Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award in this category: BIO.ENERGY.PARC.SAERBECK

In the category public sector, the following projects were up for the award:

Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award 2018 in this category: PEACE_ALPS

In the category Young Energy Leaders, the High Level Jury considered these three projects:

  1. CZECH SUSTAINABLE HOUSES – YOUNG ARCHITECTS DESIGN THE FUTURE: Czech Sustainable Houses, started as an online hub providing information on sustainability to raise awareness and create public demand for sustainable energy solutions.  Since then, the annual Czech Sustainable Houses architectural competition is inspiring young architects to lead the way to energy transition with their innovative, energy-saving designs. Since it began in 2016, the competition has attracted entries from more than 800 students. The project encourages households and businesses to draw on these solutions and implement some of them in their homes and premises, leading many people to make the change to cleaner energy. Learn more about the project here: http://www.ceskyostrovnidum.cz/en

Winner of the EU Sustainable Energy Award in this category: CZECH SUSTAINABLE HOUSES. 

Group photo of all finalists from all categories

Even though our project did not receive an award, we certainly have not left empty-handed. Being a finalist among other projects of such high quality, impact potential and contribution to energy saving, is a prestigious honor. PEAKapp would like to thank the EUSEW18 team for organizing this competition and an excellent event which provided us with exposure and recognition. Motivation to continue with our work and deliver impact is now even higher!

PEAKapp´s EUSEW18 Award Finalist Certificate